The Vs. Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving kids’ lives by empowering athletes and communities to fund lifesaving childhood cancer efforts.

Most people look back at their youth and think of the nostalgic moments: proms, first dates, elementary schools and drivers’ licenses. Annually, 160,000 children worldwide have to look back at one more life-changing moment: a cancer diagnosis.

Suddenly, the awkwardness of middle school seems a bit easier than chemotherapy treatments.

It is hard to imagine the hundreds of thousands of children and families who have to experience the traumatic battle of childhood cancer, and even harder to imagine the children who do not have the chance to chase their dreams: to become lawyers, teachers, and doctors themselves.PMZ_6461

The Vs. Cancer Foundation is changing that.

No longer is a child’s battle against cancer to be fought alone. From funding our local children’s hospitals and international research, we can ensure in helping both the child of today and the child of tomorrow. From being flexible to work with more communities, we can ensure that children everywhere can be supported by the ones closest to them. We are all in this together- Vs. Cancer.

Now, make a decision to help. Help fund the chance for the next first day of school, the next report card, the next homecoming king and queen. Help fund the next astronaut, artist, and President of the United States of America. Your efforts will ensure that the next child diagnosed knows that we are doing everything possible Vs. Cancer.

We are going to save kids’ lives. Join us in this heroic effort Vs. Cancer.

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